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Our mission at Kratos is to be the best sports performance, fitness, and health company in the world. Driven by unmatched levels of passion, expertise, and service that is dedicated to transforming people’s lives. 

Sports Performance

Kratos is the premier training facility for athletes in Nebraska. No matter your age, level or sport, we can help you take your performance to the next level through the most effective training techniques. Our science-based training programs use functional movements to support the demands of sport and increase strength, speed, agility, and durability.

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Fitbody Classes

The Kratos fit body program is the ultimate program for people who want to get in great shape, shed body fat, tone up, and become healthier without spending hours in the gym. We focus on nutrition, mindset and proper exercise technique to promote longevity and deliver you the best results possible. Our certified strength and conditioning specialists use real-science based training to help you create your best body in a fun and positive group setting.


Personal/Group Training

Personalize training and small group training is the ultimate product for customized training programs and specific training needs. Our staff of certified strength and conditioning specialists will create a specific program tailored to each client's needs and goals to deliver maximum results.